Dear Friends,
           In the computer age, the youths in the rural areas get access to the maximum number of opportunities for government jobs and competitive exams to reach them, to establish the ‘Job Guidance Center’ in very unfavorable and difficult situations so that the easy way to reach the goal is in the state. Today, a little bit of planting is transforming into a big organic tree, and the flora of this tree is spreading just around the world day by day. Not only in Maharashtra, India, millions of people scattered around the world are benefiting from unemployment, but they are also on the way to employment. Buldana district is also increasingly responsible for creating a competitive identity. Therefore, in the future, unemployment is not just political, but a social organization by organizing unemployed people, we have the intention to fight with unemployed people to seek justice like reservation, examination fees, examination methods, method of selection and looting and pomp of unemployed people from the government and the banks.
I was born in the small villages of Sonati of Mehkar taluka in Buldana district. Though parents had educated at the fourth place, they were very diligently trying to educate our children for at least one child to get government jobs, so that they could take a lot of education. I have not been able to justify their faith.

The pains in life which the couple did not want to be walking even after attempts to reach the age of twenty-two years of age are still alive. After Graduation, after making a wrong decision to leave the education and never having the opportunity to go to see their own potential, they were enslaved for a maximum of five years. But my self-confidence and efforts will always lead me to success. Believe in yourself, because everyone gets an opportunity, but the opportunity that is needed for gold is only for our will.

Currently owner of this site, We all have the personal life, and we do have ups and downs in life but when I start blogging, I just forget all other things of the world. It’s just fun to be a part of the MAHAJOBS and to interact with You. A day spent without blogging feels awful, and I always want to get back to blogging as soon as possible. In short, I’m addicted to Blogging.

– Yours
Param Gudadhe
Founder – MAHAJOBS